Binance Taipei Meetup

During the Meetup, Binance’s VIP Team lead, Vince, will discuss Binance’s ecosystem and the core values of Binance, and discuss how to better serve the users and contribute value to growing the blockchain industry with all the Binance fans/ users and community members in Taiwan.

Moreover, we will introduce our latest cooperation with HTC, to show how Binance is helping industries by using blockchain technology. Also our partner Contentos will talk about how they use blockchain technology to empower the entertainment industry.

And most importantly, don’t forget to set your crypto wallet ready (You know Trust Wallet is the best), as usual, Binance will “airdrop” some BNB to our fans who join the Binance Taipei Meetup, and the best SWAGs giveaways from Binance! (Hoodies, T-shirts, Hats...etc)

Stay tuned! Looking forward to meeting all the Binance fans on 2019/12/7 in Taiwan!

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