Binance Tev Aviv Meetup

Join our FIRST meetup ever in Israel and meet with Gin Chao, Strategy Officer at Binance!

Binance is pleased to host a meetup in Tel Aviv, aimed to provide an opportunity of discussion with the local community and institutions.

During this meetup, our guest speaker Mr. Gin Chao, Strategy Officer at Binance, will talk about the impact of blockchain technology on finance and will share best practices and operating processes on the Binance platform.

The event includes an AMA session for individuals and organizations to ask Mr. Gin about anything they might want to know and generate a fruitful debate.
We welcome all participants who share the same interest in blockchain and finance, who constantly cherish the current investment and business model. During the meetup, a light refreshment will be served.
This event is organized by our Binance Angels. The tickets to this event are free. Due to the limited number of seats, please register now.
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